FORM at The Firehouse Art Center

APRIL 27 - MAY 22, 2016 at the Firehouse Art Center :

Opening Reception Friday, May 13 [from] 6-9 PM

This exhibition takes a look at three artists working with various mediums (thread, porcelain and metal) to create organic, geometric forms. Their individual configurations develop a language of jarred and broken spaces, tangled textures and precise angles. Together the work invites the viewer to explore tiny, delicate and harsh constructions of life. The free flowing, dripping thread drawings of Erica Green, spread across the page like cells building upon themselves. She references mistakes, the unknown and forgotten spaces. The smooth, refined work of Liz Quan forms an inciting world of texture, weight and color. Strange shapes create a narrative of play and mystery. In contrast to Quan and Green, Jodie Roth Cooper creates sharp mechanical bodies that climb the wall as if, at any moment, they could forever meld into a structural component of the building itself.